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    How can one create reports in Java?

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    Have a look at xsl-fo, this allows you to process XML into pdf or rtf.

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    Take a look at

    thanks - dave
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    We use Docmosis It has the advantage that you (as a developer) create the data source once, and then anyone with Word (or Open Office) skills can develop and refine the report templates. In our application we allow the end users to define/upload the templates (we provide an example template with all the tags for the data items we expose); gives an exceptionally easy to use report writer capability. Works for us.
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    See NextReports There is a simple api to run the reports generated in NextReports like in the example below: FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream("test.html"); .connectTo(connection) .withQueryTimeout(60) .withParameterValues(createParameterValues()) .formatAs(ReportRunner.HTML_FORMAT) .run(stream);
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    Hi, Priyanka S. Try RAQ Report. It is a free Java reporting tool. You can get it at
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    hi priyanka

    i think the site below should guide you in your reporting problems

    reporting should be easy once you go through the below site not only in j2ee

    but also through others

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    Look at Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java. Very soon they will release the pure Java product for generating reports.


    Thank you.

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    heres some wonderful information about how to create reports by availing a java based reporting tool that you might find mighty helpful: