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    I like to know from anyone of u who have come across writing a weblogic integration applications adapters.
    I need to communicate with some EIS(Clarify) from my J2EE system.
    Any idea of using some adapters like

    1. Application Integration(part of Weblogic integration).
    2. eLink Adapter
    3. weblogic tuxedo connector
    4. Adapter Development Kit(Weblogic Integration)
    5. Resource Adapter.

    plz let me know about your valuable suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have used eLink Adapter to communicate to the Vantive system. I have not yet heard about the eLink adapter for clarify. So, you may need to develop it yourself and that is where the Adapter Development Kit comes into picture. In order to develop your own adapters, you need to be familiar with Jolt APIs (written in Java) and FML also along with ADK. The Jolt APIs are used to communicate with eLink through the FML fields from the Java code.
    You can follow the steps mentioned below:
    1) Develop the adapter using ADK and FML.
    2) Deploy the adapter in the eLink platform.
    3) Access the eLink services (provided during deployment) using Jolt APIs.
    You can get detailed information on these topics from http://edocs.bea.com.