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    just read the free JDO book and i think by using JDO i may solve the problem of having the *REMOTE/LOCAL* headache from the entitybean.

    in the J2EE integration chapters, there is a key advantage that with using JDO you can retrieve the VO from running a query within the session bean, and you can return the *SAME VO* object back to the client.

    this bring up another thought. why would you carry business logic in the entity bean for the client? if not then what is the point to have the RMI interface for the client if they won't be accessing this RMI interface directly? if we need DAO does that mean this is kinda dumb for having this?

    one bad thing IMHO of JDO is that we have to compile the code with the vendor engine, so the vendor can *add some code* in the VO class.

    why the vendor can't do that at runtime rather than *before* deployment?...

    i don't think anyone would like to compile their code 2 times before running it..

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    People are already doing code generation and compilation and enjoying great time saving thru xDoclet. So, I dont think bytecode enhancer and recompiling is much different. As long as vendor provide an ANT Task, its plain and simple and yes JDO sounds lot better than Entity Beans.

    Only reason I will stick to Entity Beans is if I want to cerify my application as a J2EE app. from SUN. (which could be BIG marketing plus).