Hi All,

we are using weblogic 5.1 with service pack 12.
Webserver is IIS ver 5.0 with HTTP ver1.1
we are using weblogic session for session management.
we have made one custom class for session handling which implements 'HttpSessionBindingListener'.
We perform certain operation in 'valueBound' and 'valueUnbound' method of 'HttpSessionBindingListener'.
The problem is sometime 'valueUnbound' method is not called by the weblogic after the session timeout period is elapsed.
Because of which the essential tasks that we do in this method can not be performed.
This usually happens when users close down their browsers without proper logout. Actually on logout we invalidate the session thus forcing the 'valueUnbound' to be called. This method should also be called after the session time out period i.e. without our invalidating the session.
But this is not the only way we loose the track of session. We have some cases whereby our application looses the track of session even without the browser being closed. When, in our code, we call 'session.getAttribute("var");', it returns us null whereas it supposed to return some value other than null.

This phenomenon is very inconsistant and the actual reason could not be found.

Anybody has any idea what could be the reason OR how we can avoid loosing the track of session?

Thanks in Advance