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    Is it a good idea to write batch programs of any commercial application in Java? What are the pros (besides simpler coding) and cons? Any suggestions or experience? particularly on how to overcome the cons.

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    It would be good idea to write "ant" tasks rather than batch programs... That way WORA is preserved.
    More info on ant""
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    Especially if you are writing the application in Java, writing a batch program in Java would be a good idea. It has good facilities for doing the types of things you typically do in a batch program, including database operations, file operations, and logging. I've had to write several in Java, and it seems to be a good language for it.

    The biggest cons I can think of are:

    1) If the app isn't in Java already, you need to make sure the correct version of the JDK/JRE is installed in order to run the batch application.

    2) Java isn't quite as "natural" of a batch language since it's more focused on OOP types of problems. You can easily do batch apps, just make sure to break the problem down into reasonable chunks that can be written as methods. I wouldn't put everything into main() ;)

    Hope this helps.