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    I am trying to make a cluster of two weblogic servers A & B ( each is on a different physical machine ). I have set mycluster directory ( per weblogic docs ) on one machine one which the A has been installed. I could get A to join to this cluster easily (since it is on the same machine ). However, I am facing a difficulty in getting B to join this cluster. I think it is a networking issue. Could anyone provide some insight to how I could go about creating the cluster. Thanks and I greatly appreciate it.

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    A little more detail concerning the specific errors would be helpful. First off, are you sharing the weblogic directory across the two machines via NFS/SMB (per the WLS docs)? Do both of your machines have a default route for IP multicast traffic?

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    The weblogic directory is being shared across the two machines. I may not have set up the default route for IP multicast traffic correctly. That explains why only one of the weblogic servers is able to join the cluster. Any links to help me resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.
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    On which platform(s) are you running?
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    I am running on an NT platform.
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    I checked one of my NT4 boxes and the default route for multicast was there by default, so I doubt that is your problem. But anyhow, to check, open up a command window and type "netstat -rn". You should see a route to If it's not there, add it by doing a "route -p add mask <ipaddr of your NIC>"

    Also, check that you are specifying all of the following options when starting WLS:

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    Weblogic comes with a handy utility which you case use to track down your multicast problems:

    BTW, using shared filesystem is absolutely unnesessary - it is a convinience thing, which you probably do not want to use in production anyway.
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    I appreciate all the help.

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    If using a shared drive is unnecessary what is the preferred deployment configuration for clustering?
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    In 5.1, if you are not using a shared directory, EJBs that are deployed on multiple machines in the cluster need to have the same path name on all machines. Note that this
    restriction is not present in the 6.0 release.