Post requests show me source, not HTML


TSS feedback: Post requests show me source, not HTML

  1. Post requests show me source, not HTML (4 messages)

    My posts and form submissions seem to work, but the result page has a URL like so:

    and the resulting page is the HTML source for the page, not the properly rendered HTML. The source appears to have been processed, as I see no JSP tags or other code in it, but who knows. Looks like a mime-type screwup.

    My browser is mozilla, but the firewall forces it to masquarade as IE. IMO this should not create a problem on a site that doesn't need (nor appear to use) Javascript. Plus, every other site on the net seems to work (e.g. Slashdot).

  2. this problem really seems to appear only with mozilla. i have the same results with mozilla 1.1
  3. HEY! it worked in this forum. But it doesn't in any other section!
  4. It works sometimes in other forums, too. It seems like a webserver configuration problem?

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    This is interesting. I wonder if the server isn't sending back a true Content-type: text/html that Mozilla likes or something (e.g. \r\n\r\n vs. \n\n). We are looking into this!