anyone knows where I can download chapter 8,15,17 of struts book


TSS feedback: anyone knows where I can download chapter 8,15,17 of struts book

  1. yep, I was able to download the other chapters, but haven't found these ones..

    any clue?

  2. Could you please say how did you download the other chapters!?
  3. here

  4. Actually, every chapter is there except for chapter 8 (which is the Tags chapter). What happened is that several chapters were cut due to time and the size of the book. So the remaining chapters had to be renumbered to fill the gaps, as they were not all at the end.

    Just go by the chapter title and don't pay any attention to the numbers. The chapters that got cut were ones like security, workflow, etc. Very important chapters, but more advanced. Because of the importance of several of them, I decided to go ahead and write a few after the fact and just make them available on the Struts mailing list and Struts main site. I've been working on the outline for the security chapter and will probably start writing it next week.

    The book is done and I'm told that it will be in stores on November 11th.

  5. Hi Chuck ! You did a great job.
    Can you give me a link for chapters about security, workflow
    or any other chapters wich we can not find on TSS.
     I was on Struts mailing list, but I did not find any thing.
    My e-mail: pbelousov at hotmail dot com

    Thanks Pavel.