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    Apache AXIS 1.0 final was released today. Axis is an implementation of the SOAP ("Simple Object Access Protocol") submission to W3C. AXIS has surpassed Apache SOAP in function, performance, and interoperability and, in particular, has passed Sun's JAX-RPC and SAAJ compliance tests.

    Check out Apache AXIS 1.0.

    Also recently released is the book AXIS: The next generation of Java SOAP.

    Check out the article JMS Work Brings Asynchronous Features to Apache SOAP onidevnews.com.

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    The Apache folks also have a Java implementation of XML-RPC


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    Do you have any performance data for axis, Glue has a test which tells that axis does not perform well as glue or .net

    I haven't tried axis, but apache soap 2.0 is very slow.
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    Axis 1.0 is certainly faster than Apache Soap 2.0, but you can probably make it faster by using a "small but damn fast" XML parser that can handle XML marshalling / unmarshalling of small Java objects.
    I have read Piccolo parser (SAX parser only) is REALLY faster than Xerces or Crimson :

    Piccolo SAX parser

    SAX Parser Benchmark

    You can also try the new XML Pull Parser such as XPP :

    XML Pull Parser
    XPP Pull Parser

    There is a SAX2 Driver available to wrap the Pull Parser API and provide a SAX2 compliant one.

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    See also Axis of the futureImportantly, Axis provides features that will help Web services and the Web service community as a whole including DIME and reliable asynchronous messaging.(There is an announcement from Sonic on the page).
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    At least the beta versions did not perform that great. For a *really* fast, production-ready SOAP stack, take a look at WASP from Systinet (http://www.systinet.com).

    Stefan Tilkov

    (My company is a Systinet Solution Partner, so I'm biased.)
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    Hate to rain on your parade, but I believe TME's GLUE (http://www.themindelectric.com/glue/index.html) is faster than Systinet's WASP.

    Although it isn't as fast, props to the Axis team for delivering an open source web services stack!!

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    Im my experience, WASP is faster than GLUE, but of course there's no point in arguing this ... does anybody know of independent numbers, benchmarks and the like - kind of ECPerf (whatever that'll be worth) for SOAP stacks?

    Stefan Tilkov
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    write your own!
  10. WASP vs. GLUE[ Go to top ]

    I could, but they would not be independent ;-)

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