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    Hello Friends,
    I installed weblogic 5.1 version. I worked on it with out any problem. I am able access the database and retrive the records. Everything is fine.
    but now I am unable to connect to the database with the same pool name. The problem I am getting is with server. It's giving License exception.

    The problem is:
    "java.sql.SQLException:weblogic.common.LicenceKeyInvalidException:licence OverLimit for jdbckona/mssqlserver4,any,1,08-Dec-2000 "


    so, what can i do?
    please give me the solution if any one of u know.


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    There could be 2 things ,
      U might be using the demo driver and ur 30 days are over .
      Or u r trying to run the program from ur client machine and the classpath for the server where ur driver is installed is not set properly