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    in EJB Design Forum u have a thread:

    "TAs "Supports/NotSupported" for entity getter methods"

    If you try to click on it, you'll have a blank frame without any message text, but all site featires are still there, like menus, etc.

    So, I started this thread 2 days ago. It was a large post, but the very same day I had this problem, though, I could view the message right after posting.

    Pretty sad.

    But! Today even the name of the author of the thread has changed! (to Andreas Mueller). Of course, it's not me :)

    Unbearable now %/

    Seems like a problem with a cluster cache.

    Env: Mozilla 1.1, WinXP
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    I am checking into this. It seems that the thread was created, but there are no messages. I have deleted the thread so it shouldn't show up now (or until it goes out of the cache).