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    I have to build a SOAP/XML based EAI solution using open standard and preferably with open source tools. I evaluated JAXM. Didn't see much use for it.

    I have come up with the following solution.I would appreciate any feedback. In this scenario, partner A is coomunicating with partner B

    1) XML Payload from A undergoes XSL transformation to conform to a schema that B understands
    2) Result of 1 undergoes another XSL transformation to cast into a standard business schema e.g., ebXML or biztalk. The result of this step is a SOAP envelope.
    3) The result of 2 is sent to partner B as a SOAP message using http or some other transport
    4) B processes the request and sends response back
    5) The payload in the response from B undergoes XSL transformation for A to be able to process it


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    this is precisely what happens in the EAI, what else do u want us to comment on

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    There is rarely only one way of doing things, including EAI. Otherwise, there won't be so many EAI vendors.
    I was was hoping for suggestions on improvements or other options.

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    EAI is traditionally a heavy-weight and expensive solution to the problem you are describing. You may want to look at a more Java friendly solution based on XML Web services, aka an orchestration server (e.g. www.collaxa.com).


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    Have a look at www.openadaptor.com.
    It is an Open Source EAI framework.