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    Is there any other frameworks like "Struts" in MVC? what is the advantage and disadvantage of struts?
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    There are really no disadvantages.

    If you have never written your own home-grown mvc app, then you may not immediately recognize its advantages. To really enjoy the advantages, you should write one (MVC app) yourself atleast 2 or 3 times, and then go read the documentation on Struts to understand what it does for you. Youll be amazed.
  4. Jakarta Struts

    Struts advantages:

    1) large user base
    2) momentum
    3) mindshare
    4) has an active development team
    5) is a Jakarta project
    6) good documentation

    Alternatives to Struts:


    article: Barracuda versus other frameworks


    Tea (from Disney / Starwave )

    Other resources:

    Jason Hunter's article: "The Problems with JSP"

    Wafer project