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    With the advent of JBoss, and other free J2EE vendors. What is the future of commercial application servers vendor.

    Once JBoss gets J2EE certified, why would anyone ever want to buy Weblogic Application Server or WebSphere ?
    What is your opinion about freeware ? Should such freeware be encouraged at all ? Or that is the way to go.

    If everything becomes free, wouldn't it be a bad model for the economy itself ? I wonder.

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    What is if you are running a JBOSS in an environment where the production of a large plant bases on your application server and suddenly you have a major problem with your server. If you are a customer of BEA you can phone and tell them to solve the problem within 24 hours!
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    Yes .,.. Maybe big companies will not go for freeware..perhaps...

    But, all of us know that apache is hugely used around the world by all kinds of industries...so is Linux.

    If the cost advantage is there and product is reasonably good (like Linux/Apache !), people will start using it...sooner or later...