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    Dear All,

    I m making a WEB-SERVICES MIGRATION TOOL, the idea is to provide an interface through, which functionality of an existing application could be exposed on the web, as web-services. When i say an "existing application", i mean application on some predefined platforms (which is yet to finalized as to which platforms, the application is gonna support), but for the time being we can think of applications developed on VC,VB,Cobol,C,java, and .net applications.

    I have yet to decide as to which language would i be developing the application, most probably java, or .net. Which ever language i choose to develop the tools, i have to write adapters for communicating with the other applications (applications whose services need to be exposed as WEB-SERVICES).

    So i was wondering, if anyone on this forum could tell me something about connector APIS, like JINTEGRA. Anyone aware of any API which could provide a communication interface for application developed in different languagues developed for different platform, like for example, Communicating with a C++ application for Unix from Java.

    Any debate or suggestion would be appreciated


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    Ever heard of CORBA? ;-)