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    What is CVS? and how is it related to ANT, JDOM, JUnit?

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    CVS is a Concurrent Version Control System. It is a Configuration Management tool. Just like VSS.

    JDOM is a XML parsing me mechanism. I found it very useful.

    ANT is a code compilation/deployment mechanism - from Apache.

    JUNIT is a testing mechanism.

    Strictly speaking none of them are directly related to one another, all can be used independently.

    Often in large projects we want to automate and integrate these tools in some way for our use.

    For example : in a project i am on, i can use ant to even do a cvs checkout. It is simple to do, all i do is i tell ant to execute so-and-so cvs command to checkout my latest code, and then compile it.
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    That sounds complicated... How do I learn to use ant, cvs and junit..

    Can i get any examples or steps to do something simple that can give me an idea about this