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    We're using websphere as our AppServer. I was searching for some ideas/patterns on logging in a distributed j2ee environment. I found none. I was especially hoping to find some patterns using log4j in this environment.

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    My team is using the Jakarta Commons Logging API.

    Commons Logging is a thin API that rides on top of other logging toolkits (Log4j, java.util.logging, etc).

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    One of our client runs our product on WebSphere. For logging we've chosen to use log4j and that works just fine. I guess for a distributed environment you just end up with a log file on each machine, since writing to the same file might cause unwanted problems. If you go for the new log4j I know they have support JDBC logging, which would solve that problem - albeit be a bit slow?

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    Jakarta LOG4J allows you to set up a network log server and using socket appenders in the distributed app all involved nodes may log to that single log server. We have a setup with 8 RMI servers logging to 2 LOG4J log servers; doing it in J2EE should be easy, too. See the LOG4J docs.