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    Can a Java application, generate a MS Word report at the client side using an oracle database from the server.

    If yes, can you give me the code.

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    I guess you could do this by using HDF (Horrible Document Format :) tool from Apache's Jakarta project. It supports both read and write in Word 97 format.
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    If you are writing a web application, you could write a servlet that generates the report in HTML, and sets the mime type to 'x-application/ms-word'.
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    I think .rtf format would be easy to build and send to browser.
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    There is a website called (im not sure whether the web site is up and running).

    That uses a dll file in the java classpath, provides a jar file too and then you can programatically invoke the Msft applications from java.

    If you need it to try, pls write to me at ananth_k at lgsoftindia dot com


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    Hi; can do this.

    thanks - dave
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    Docmosis can generate Word, PDF and ODF documents at the server. It has free and enterprise versions depending on how many documents you need to generate per minute: