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    H i All,
       I want to know which IDE is the most used in the market and which one is in the second position ?


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    I think Borland JBuilder has the biggest market share.
    I use IDEA and I'm very pleased with it (http://www.intellij.com).
  3. Jbuilder is very good,but expensive too. I would say that you should also look at WSAD(Websphere Studio Application Developer),Jdeveloper and Intellij for commercial IDEs.
    If you want to use open source,then Net Beans and Eclipse.
    Personally I am very pleased with WSAD and the WSAD 5.0 is going to be much better.
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    If I was developing for Websphere I would consider using WSAD.

    Otherwise Eclipse, ANT and XDOCLET make a great development environment.

  5. vim or emacs[ Go to top ]

    Learn a powerful, free, widely available text editor and you will leave your fellow developers in the dust.

    Use ant or make to compile.
  6. vim or emacs[ Go to top ]

    Nothing like an IDE comparison question to bring out the text editor v IDE arguement.

  7. vim or emacs[ Go to top ]

    I worked some time with a plain text editor, but it's faster to develop with IDEA.
    Market share should not be the primary argument. Think of M$ - they have the biggest market share but their products are not very good.
    Another argument is the support for IDEA which is absolutely fantastic.
  8. jEdit[ Go to top ]


    Commercial IDEs, who needs all that extra functionality?

    A "perfect" text editor is enough. And jEdit is the best I've used.

    I have seen and tried most IDEs and all are bloated with extra features I never use. The most important features to me are text editing and ease of use. The rest is just plain software bloat caused by creeping featuritis.

    Anyway if I need a feature I can download a plugin.
  9. jcreator[ Go to top ]

    I have used a few different editors. Jbuilder is good but it likes memory and is a bit too bloated for my liking. Jdeveloper is ok, but its written in java and takes ages to load up. Also its buggy. Windows apps should not be written in java!!!! Dont get me started on that .....

    I am using JCreator (www.jcreator.com) currently. Its best trade of between an IDE and a text editor. Its written in c++ so it starts fast, has a small memory footprint, and runs great on windows. It does have the features like bean builder etc. but show a real developer that actually uses the crap cope that they generate?
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    You assume that all people are using Windows. I'm using Linux most of the time and a native Windows program is useless on this platform.
  11. I have used a few IDE's, curently JBuilder 7 (which in two weeks is being superceded by JBuilder 8 - which looks pretty good). I have used Intellij which is an excellent IDE, especially for refactoring support. I believe that Borland have borrowed a number of ideas from Intellij and incorporated them into JBuilder 8. Also JB8 is suppose dto support on the fly code change without redeployment - if this works - pretty cool....