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    I love the TSS portal, but, the last benchmark made by The Midleware company isn't correct in my opinion and in the opinion of others.
    someone from TSS or TMC can explain any thing about http://dreambean.com/petstore.html this comments on the benchmark??
    I think this benchmark is to bring trouble for TSS portal and TMC respectivelly.

    Thanks for any comment.

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    I too would like an explanation of the issues and problems that many people have raised about the benchmark, though I do think that Rickard Öberg's site does a great job of detailing many of the issues to be addressed.

    My personal opinion is that enough issues or problems have been raised that it seems like retracting the report (even temporarily) until further testing could be done, would be a good track to take. Leaving the report out as a statement of fact, despite the many problems with the test, does little for anybodies reputation.

    Personally, the numbers could be right on, and that would be fine with me. It would be a great way of identifying problems in the J2EE architecture and therefore making it stronger. However, it does not look like it was a valid or fair comparison.. atleast given the information I have seen and the code I have looked at. Therefore, based on that, perhaps it should be pulled until such time that a re-test can be performed in a fair and audited manner. Then, if .NET beats down J2EE, thats fine.. if they tie, thats fine.. if J2EE beats .NET.. thats fine as well.. but lets be fair and open about it.

    (Personal footnote, I've been a big fan of TSS, but this whole matter leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and the fact that there is little official response to these matters really takes away from the site. I hope that people will respond in a detailed and public manner soon.)
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    And.. just to be clear.. I don't think that the TSS staff had anything to do with the benchmark, but the relationship to TMC is there, no matter how independant the business units may be. I just feel that it would be in the best interests of both the TMC and TSS to have this addressed. (Floyd, the site is still great!)