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  1. Startup class in BES like in WebLogic ? (3 messages)

    Hi to all, I'm facing the problem to have a class' method triggered when the EJB Container starts.
    It's something like what you can find in WebLogic (startup class), is there in BES something similar or a common practice to follow as a workaround ?
    Thank you in advance
  2. Roberto,

    If you are starting your EJB Container standalone (say from the command prompt via the vbj.exe or java.exe executable as opposed to starting up ias.exe), the answer is relatively simple. If you aren't a couple of more steps are involved.

    First off, refer to the links:

    The above links though for the 4.5 version are application for the 5.x version as well.

    If you want to add your own service to the server process and manage it via the console (start/stop/restart); drop me a mail at krish at borland dot com and I can provide some pointers on how to do this. It is not officially supported though :)

  3. where do we set the start up class in Borland Application server
    is it to be specified in partition.xml
    could anyone give an example
  4. There is a startup class example in BES version 6
    called partition_interceptors the class should implement PartitionInterceptor
    and should have module-borland.xml file in META-INF directory
    This class is invoked at partition startup.
    If the startup code should be invoked after the default-resources.dar is loaded the code should be in the startupPostLoad method.
    The other way is to modify the partition.xml but the first one is a better approach.