Evolution adds JBoss 3 to J2EE Hosting Lineup


News: Evolution adds JBoss 3 to J2EE Hosting Lineup

  1. Evolution adds JBoss 3 to J2EE Hosting Lineup (12 messages)

    J2EE hosting provider evolution has added the JBoss application server to its lineup of open source web hosting platforms including Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Apache Tomcat. Evolution is J2EE-focused ISP. Users can have their applications hosted by simply uploading EAR or WAR files.

    Evolution also offers commercial servers including WebLogic, Orion, and Oracle 9iAS, but the latest round of open source additions mirror a trend that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of J2EE systems.

    Check out Evolution Hosting.

    Evolution is offering free trials.
  2. Out of curiosity, what other J2EE-supporting hosting providers do people recommend? For larger clients, we normally have dedicated servers, if not a whole infrastructure. But for some clients, these shared solutions make a lot of sense.
  3. These are all very expensive. In Germany you can get a whole server (+management functions) with 50 GB transfer/month included for $49/month.
  4. Lars,

    Can you provide a link for the hosting company in germany please.


  5. Can anybody mail me the list of J2ee hosters who host ar less than 50$ per month.Thanks in advance
  6. http://www.webappcabaret.com/premium.html

    Three options for under $50/month. I have never used them, so I cannot comment on service. I do know they have been around for quite some time.

  7. I have been very happy with both eapps.com and mmaweb.net.


  8. www.thebeancontainer.com offers ejb hosting for as low as $9.99/Month on a shared Jboss Instance, account set up within 24 Hrs
  9. Can't sign up...

    I would not go for any host that doesn't have a forum. Don't want to send an email and wait days for an response everytime I have a question...
  10. We have online help desk and live support system. Questions are answered in less than 24 hrs. Forums will be coming soon...
  11. Can you please mail me the german company's URl who provide the j2ee webhosting for 40$ to magnum at mail2world dot com.
    Thanks in advance
  12. EJIP.net is another hosting company. However, I noticed there postal address is the same as Evolution's. I wonder if they're going through a name change?

    www.hostj2ee.com looks good. However, for a simple servlet engine hosting company, www.hostjsp.com feels like a better value.

    My 2 cents :)
  13. Just for the topic: for JBoss hosting management you are welcome to test JConsole: