Hi all j2ee guru

As l went through the a few manuals of iplanet 6.5. l have a few questions in mind. It is highly appreciated somebody can give a helping hand to me by answering below questions

1) In some samples come along with iplanet 6.5, in their ias-web.xml and web.xml, the web app are set as "distributable". Also, all servlets are set "sticky". My question is why the JSP don't need to be set as "sticky". If l have a web site made up of serveral ten of thousand of JSP pages, it will be a big trouble to explicitly set each page as "sticky" ??

2) Technically, are there any difference in setting the web app as "distributable" and setting servlet / jsp explicitly as "sticky" ?

3) Let's say, if the sample include a stateful session bean, do l have to set that stateful session bean to "sticky". If so,
does it mean the invocation from servlet to stateful session bean will take place in same JVM process.

4) Is there any latency as session is synchronized by "dsync" process. If the application is set as "distributable" (support load-balancing), but the servlet is NOT set as sticky. Will it cause any trouble due to latency of synchronization of session among iplanet servers

5) l find that l can't clear up all concept of iplanet merely studying its manual. Are there any good material / website for iplanet. Please provide them to me

many thanks