W3C Publishes XForms 1.0 as a Candidate Recommendation


News: W3C Publishes XForms 1.0 as a Candidate Recommendation

  1. Standards body W3C published on Tuesday the XForms specification as a candidate recommendation, allowing the community to implement/test/provide feedback. XForms splits traditional HTML forms into three parts, the purpose description, the content, and the presentation. XForms is expected to improve form reuse, device independence, accessibility, and allow better tools for form creation.

    Check out XForms 1.0 and the W3C Press Release.

    Also, Novell has just released a technology preview of their plans to include drag-and-drop tools based on Xforms in future releases in Novell exteNd, as well as detailed XForms tutorials.

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  2. It will not be before end of 2004, any XForms supporting browser become available!
  3. It may be true that browsers won't support native XForms for a while yet, however what you'll get from vendors & open source in the meantime are renderers that transform XForms into HTML & JavaScript with appropriate client & server-side handling.

    --Steve Benfield
  4. have a look at http://www.formsplayer.com/
  5. Anyone get the demo to work?
  6. Yay! I feel as though I've been waiting for XForms to come out for years. Looks very promising indeed.
  7. XForms sounds great but it is not ready yet.
    We are a young, innovative technology company doing "XForms" since 2 years. Check out our online demo:


    any feedback is apprecicated, email to:
    info at xcentric dot ch

    /Stephan Portmann