HP Expands Alliance with Oracle and bundles 9iAS with HP Systems


News: HP Expands Alliance with Oracle and bundles 9iAS with HP Systems

  1. Oracle and HP have announced an agreement to develop, market and deliver middleware solutions based on Oracle9i AS and HP's platforms. Specifically, HP will bundle Oracle's appserver with systems running its HP-UX operating system or ProLiant servers running Linux. The two companies will also offer cooperative tech support, and HP's sales force/consultants will be trained to sell Oracle.

    Read the Oracle and HP Extend Global Alliance to Deliver Oracle9i Application Server on HP Platforms.
  2. HP-UX far inferior to Solaris
    9i AS far inferior to Weblogic, WebSphere, SunOne.

    Why would it even matter.
  3. I am afraid that is not a completely objective answer. :-)

    - If you do not like HP-UX, do not worry. The agreement also includes Windows and Linux platform. It is Linux superior or inferior to Solaris?. What a interesting debate.

    - Why exactly is 9iAS inferior to those others application servers?. Another interesting debate. As far as I know this site is running on a J2EE cluster composed by WebLogic and 9iAS instances. Both platforms are performing quite well and are also quite stable. I would not dare to say that any of them is "inferior" to the other one.


  4. I would not dare to say that any of them is "inferior" to the other one.

    I do. Try using 9iAS and you would too.
  5. Can you demonstrate, with technical facts, why HP-UX is worse than Solaris or 9i AS is worse than Weblogic, WebSphere and SunOne?. I'm sure you can do it since you have technical experience using four (????) app server.
  6. Ummm... pardon me Ms Fiorina... didn't you just make a deal with BEA?
  7. I am afraid that Oracle´s deal goes quite further than BEA´s. From what i have read, Oracle´s PartnerShip is available for HP-UX11i and ProLiant. BEA´s applis only to HP-UX11i. Also, Oracle´s includes Full Use, Perpetual License Trial License, and BEA´s is just a 6 month term.
    Oracle´s include also full support and BEA´s only includes web support...

  8. What's up with HP:


    I have heard they partner with BEA, Microsoft, and now Oracle. After a steady relationship with Bluestone, HP is quickly becoming the hosting hoar of the application server market.
  9. It's no surprise. I knew it from a long time ago that HP was always a "coward". Nevertheless, in business they may be right.