Why do all my post on the News are never publish?


TSS feedback: Why do all my post on the News are never publish?

  1. I'd like to know why do all my post on the News are never publish?
    Do I have to fullfill some conditions before starting a new topic on the News section or am I banned from the system?
  2. I would also like to know the answer to this question b/c I posted the latest and greatest news 3/4 times,but none was published.
  3. Guys, I appreciate your asking this question. We try very hard to ensure the quality and 'interest level' of the news report and typically do not post 50% of the stuff that gets submitted, because they don't qualify as TSS news.

    Herve, in your case, you submitted a news item to a personal project you were working on. This is a bit too low-level for TSS' homepage. I emailed you about it and suggested writing an educational article about your project first and we could host or link to that.

    Rahul, I recognize your name but don't recall at the moment what news you have posted that got filtered out. Let me know what it was and I'll explain the rationale.

  4. Floyd,
    I do not remember all the news I posted,but one of them was
    Sun joining WS-I.

  5. Rahul,

    I am not a member of the TSS team, but I do remember a news item about Sun's joining WS-I being posted. Probably when there is such a big news event several people post it before the TSS team has a chance to approve their posts. Then when they do approve it, you can't expect all the different posts to be shown. It would just be waste of space and break up the discussion into several threads. Also with such a big event they may want their own editorial team to describe the story for the benefit of the community. I think it's all for the best.

  6. Rahul, Gal has it dead on. If I get multiple posts from people, I'll choose the one that is best summarized (as its less work for me to complete the summary).

    I welcome you to continue psoting news on TSS.