Zeosphere 1.5 Turns Mobile Devices into EJB Containers


News: Zeosphere 1.5 Turns Mobile Devices into EJB Containers

  1. EJB is apparently not to heavyweight for mobile devices, according to ZeoSoft Corp, who recently released ZeoSphere 1.5, a development product that turns mobile devices into CORBA-compliant EJB containers, and permits them to execute enterprise logic locally, remotely or in any combination.

    Read ZeoSoft Turns Every Device Into a Server.
  2. Is it just me, or is this an absolutely ludicrous waste of time?
  3. It does seem somewhat bizarre doesn't it.
    When arguing whether or not to use EJBs on a project,
    you often here "This project is too small, and its not worth it... we aren't doing a lot of transactions, won't have all of these tiers... so lets not bother".

    So, more and more people are thinking EJB == Enterprise.... and now someone wants to run a container on a mobile? wow :)
  4. And did I read that right - an EJB 1.0 container?

  5. It's absolutely not bizarre. There are lot of business need to small footprint and cheap app servers.
    For example some life insurance sales representative work off-line with an quotes application on their notebook, other work on-line with the same application (same code base). The requirement here is to have a single source for these two deloyment channels, a cheap and small app server for the 1000's mobile users.
    In 1998 Ejipt was such an EJB 1.0 container. The only disadvantage was its performance, but this is another story.

    Alain Hsiung
  6. true, a waste of time.
  7. I second the opinion - its a real waste of time :)
    i hope they dont waste more time to make it EJB 2.0 compatible :)
    I would love to know what company or person is using it and how and what for ...
  8. It's a wierd idea. I understood that this mobile device supports SWING. well... I think it's enough. Maybe thinlets even better.
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  10. We just figured this out and will be using port 8080 instead. We found that the site is much, much faster when Apache serves images, instead of the appservers. Better leave the appservers threads to J2EE stuff like servlet requests and EJB's.