Does anyone have any experience to tune weblogic 7.0? I am upgrading my application from weblogic 5.1 to weblogic 7.0. After the migration, we noticed that there were ~30% performance degraduation with the same/similar system settings. After doing some researches, we found that the JNDI lookup is MUCH slower and the authentication of EJB was also slower too.

We rewrote some of our codes to cache the JNDI lookup and bypassed some of the EJB authentication. We got back 20%. Beside those findings, we could not find any other major performance issues. My question is still why 7.0 is slower than 5.1? because all the new features? MBeans or ??

Any helps will be very appreciate.

NOTE: We are using the same JDBC drivers, same hardware, and same/similar Weblogic's configuration such as Thread Counts, Heap size and so on.