Interview with Floyd Marinescu about


News: Interview with Floyd Marinescu about

  1. An interview with Floyd Marinescu, Director of TheServerSide, has been posted to the 'About the site' section of TSS. The interview is a non-technical interest piece about the founding and history of TheServerSide, factors and strategies that led to its growth, and future vision for the site.

    The video was filmed at Java One 2002.

    Watch Floyd Marinescu's Interview Here.
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  6. Appreciation To The Founder[ Go to top ]

    Goodday Sir, This kelly and NIIT student in Abuja nigerian, studing java. Sir i just want to thank you that's, for the day you concive the idea of making this site a reality. Thanks and may God strength you. kelly snookcent at yahoo dot com java student
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  10. Due to public demand, we are currently working on the text transcripts. They will be up by the end of the day today.

  11. public demand = waiting to see if 6 people wanted text.

    Since we got that, we had to do it ;)
  12. Is Floyd radioactive? Is he holy? What's with the aura?
  13. The editor got a bit zealous when correcting the brightness of the photo. :)
  14. Text transcriptions have been added for the interview.

    They say all men of enlightenment had a bright halo of light around them. :)
  15. Is Floyd radioactive? Is he holy? What's with the aura?

    He is Canadian :-)