EJB 2.0 Financial Brokerage Sample Application Available


News: EJB 2.0 Financial Brokerage Sample Application Available

  1. The Oracle Technology Network is hosting a sample Financial Brokerage Service application and tutorials to demonstrate programming techniques that take advantage of key features defined in the EJB 2.0 specification (including local interfaces, CMP, CMR, and EJB Query Language).

    Check out the Financial Brokerage Service http://otn.oracle.com/sample_code/tutorials/fbs/fbstoc.htm

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  2. In other related news, MS has announced that during an independent test published by JavaDaily, .Net was able to run the Financial Brokerage Sample Application a gazillion times faster than server A and server B. The test where very independently conducted in Redemond by ProgrammersDaily, parent company of JavaDaily.

    And yet in other related news, ProgrammersDaily reviewed his 4Q revenue projections upwards. According to ProgrammersDaily CEO, a new partnership will bring a substantial amount of new business as well as a very much needed new stream of cash in this dry market.
  3. could you please supply the URL for this article
  4. Sorry,

    I thought things like "JavaDaily" (which doesn't exist), the "gazillion times faster", etc, will make clear to all that this was an attempt of humor.

    Next time I will specify much more clearly it's a sarcastic post.

    Once again, I apologize.
  5. It's funny how people see what they want to see and miss the point. It was obvious what you were saying and I thought the sarcasm was in good taste. Too many people are feeding off of these "independant benchmarks"
  6. Don't apologize. I agree with Rob. My post's were not directed at you. :) I was sure it was humor too.

    I wonder how many more will post thinking it was real.
  7. sure it's www.readthepostagain.com/itisajoke.html
  8. I think, as the Pet Store application initailly was, the Financial Brokerage Application is way to demonstrate how to apply J2EE technology, not aiming optimization of performance.
  9. This is not an argument Romano. And is not an argument generally not particulary to this thread. What does it take to make a J2EE app behave comparable to a .NET one, a super men payed acordingly to his super nature?

    And about this thread, it may be a hoax, or may be not. We should not flame up at every MS bite.
  10. Also if this is just a "demonstration of how to apply J2EE", it would be better if it was a demonstration of how to apply J2EE and make it run bloody fast. If somebody offers you framework A and framework B, but B has better tools, and hence is faster to use and actually creates applications that are faster and more efficient than A, which would you choose? (Same old argument etc. etc.)

    J2EE people need to stop our hand wringing and get on with what we do best which is writing some decent scalable production applications. And if some standards get in the way of that then unfortunately the standards have to be side-stepped. Standards focussed development is great to the point where it actually starts holding you back from where you want to go. Ride the standards roller-coaster so far then get off and walk.

  11. Speed is definitely not the only factor to consider in application design. Things like ease of maintenance and extensibility are just as important in most of today's enterprise apps. Making significant tradeoffs in the name of performance (e.g. throwing html in the database) are probably not good decisions to make upfront.
  12. <q>
    And about this thread, it may be a hoax, or may be not. We should not flame up at every MS bite

    I think it was humor (correct me if I am wrong Angel) not a hoax. The use of the word "gazillion" and the phrase "independently conducted in Redemond " should be a clue. No wonder few understood the cartoons. I am going with humor - excellent job Angel.

    Suggestion to those posting humor. Use <Humor></Humor> for the humor challenged among us.
  13. I agree with you, Horia. If Java technologies wanted to stay ahead, they need to perform better than .NET in all aspects. We cannot deny there are lots of hypes around .NET, but hype is hype, and fact is fact. To know your opponents is to win the battle.

    My 2 cents.
  14. I've seen the hype. So where are the facts?
  15. <Humor type="valiant attempt">
    In another related story...

    Thousands of developers, wannabe programmers and some who just learn to use a PC were hospitalized after typing their fingers to the bone attempting to respond to the latest demo App from Oracle and subsequent and immediate benchmarking. Some burst neck veins and heartattacks were reported. Fisticuffs were reported at some locations. (Ok, they really were slap fights)

    Discussion was so furious that the JavaDaily's server actually caught on fire. When the fire was put out it was reported the server smelled like a pile of cow poo. After further 'detective work' it was found that the smell actually was coming from the original benchmark posted on the server. CSI was called in. It was determined that the benchmark report was an actual 'pile of poo.' and that this was not the orginal 'pile of poo'. A swat team was immediately dispached to the ProgrammersDaily offices where multiple 'piles of poo' where discovered being created and in the process of being shipped. Unfortunately, many 'piles of stinking poo' were sent out and were already placed in many decision makers and developers heads. Some received such large amounts that it filled their entire body.

    More on this story later.
  16. In other news...

    In what has become a public relations nightmare, the MettleWare Group had to admit that the "Financial Brokerage Sample Application Comparison: J2EE versus .Net" report published on their hosted website, TheUnderside.com, was funded by Microsoft to discredit both Sun and Oracle. As a result, the company has been taking it on the chin in forums hosted on the site, and their credibility has been called into question. A source close to the company stated that Microsoft never misses "any chance for Bill and Steve to show up Scott and Larry, and they threw us a pile of cash to do so. We just thought nobody would find out."

    In an unrelated announcement, a spokeshuman for Bill Gates stated that the billionaire will fund an American's Cup campaign named "Windows 2003". When challenged by reporters that this venture into international competitive yacht racing was really an opportunity to hawk Microsoft products while showing up Oracle's Larry Ellison, the spokeshuman responded: "What's your point?"
  17. I would like to see the same sample without concentrating on EJB.Few web app are Enterprise applications and even Enterprise app can do without EJB using JDO
  18. Yes. But most 'web apps' are just apps with 'web' UIs.
  19. Hi Guys,
    Once again, the discussion has gone out of context...!!!!

    This discussion thread is about "Financial Brokerage Service application" which demonstrates J2EE1.3 features..

    Please discuss about that.......

  20. What we're doing is more fun...
  21. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    In Sports Section we have the results of the first ever Serverside Humor Olympiad!!!

    The Bronze medal goes to Angel Municio of the ProgrammersDaily!

    The judging between 2nd and 1st place was *very* close...

    The Silver medal goes to John Bigboote for his piece on "the MettleWare Group" Excellent work....

    And the Gold medal goes to Mark Nutall for his fabulous work entitled "Pile of Poo"!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT stuff!!! All are to be congratulated!!
  22. I am so honored be be awarded the Gold Medal in the first ever Serverside Humor Olympiad.

    "Today (Today, Today, ...). I consider myself (self, self, ...) the luckiest man alive (alive, alive, ...)."
    "They love me. [wipe tear] They really love me [wave to cheering and adoring fans. throw kisses]. "

    I guess when they send my job overseas, I can go into comedy.

    And now back on topic talking about ... What was it we were discussing? Oh yeah, the Financial Brokerage Services (FBS). Anyone really check it out? I'll try to take some time. Ok, I really want to comment on the initials but I don't want to be kicked off this site.

    Hey, they did viewlets and everything. Pretty cool.