Versant Announces enJin: Middle-tier transactional EJB cache


News: Versant Announces enJin: Middle-tier transactional EJB cache

  1. Fremont, California, October 25, 2000 - Versant Corporation (NASDAQ: VSNT), a leading provider of middleware infrastructure technology, today announced the availability of Versant enJin, the industry's first intelligent transaction caching platform, designed to accelerate the performance of Internet-based transactions.

    Versant enJin integrates seamlessly with all Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)-compliant application servers, including IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic. As the application server has become the platform of choice for new e-business applications, customers building performance-driven applications find accessing and updating the relational back-end database a performance bottleneck. Customers using Versant enJin within the application server environment can expect performance enhancements of up to fifty times while reducing development time by a minimum of 40%.

    "We believe that the market for accelerating Internet transactions, which we have dubbed the 'transaction accelerator market,' will grow to more than $1 billion by the year 2004," said Nick Ordon, President and CEO, Versant. "Much like the industry has recognized the need for intelligent content caching solutions, Versant is the first to recognize the increasing demands for intelligent caching on the transaction front, a market that we believe will ultimately overshadow content delivery."

    The reason for the 'transaction accelerator' is simple. The application server was designed to handle complex Internet or e-business transactions, while the relational database was first designed 30 years ago to manage simple data sorted in rows and columns. By using Versant enJin with any application server, customers are able to remove that bottleneck while preserving the information assets stored in the back-end system. In addition, Java developers are able to eliminate time-consuming mapping code required to convert the data to the more traditional rows and columns.

    "The name of the game is speed in today's Internet economy. We developed a patent-pending API to leverage Versant's object technology to enable software vendors to quickly move their legacy applications to the Internet," said David Doust, CEO of SoftwareMarkets, a new company that brings vertical small business applications to the Internet by connecting software vendors to Java experts. "By maintaining an object model natively within the application server environment, our software vendors can more quickly port their legacy applications and more easily customize them for their customers."

    Versant enJin solves bottleneck problems for the most demanding e-business applications, providing several levels of redundancy, scalability, distributed data management and automatic propagation of the business transaction to the back end system. Key features in the integrated product suite include, seamless persistence for Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) and Java objects, distributed caching, automatic failover for high availability, object-to-relational mapping integrated which synchronization. In addition, Versant enJin provides support for XML data, an easy-to-use and scalable Java interface and an EJB framework allowing customers to integrate enJin with any application server.

    "As Web and e-Business solutions grow in complexity, many companies are looking for an effective technique to boost application server performance," said Evan Quinn, Vice President of Application Strategies at Hurwitz Group. "enJin offers a safe, middle-tier caching means of leveraging existing application server and hardware resources. In addition, enJin offers the means to capture information for e-Business analytics in a non-invasive fashion."

    Added Simon Bates, Business Development Director, ECsoft, "Time is money. Our decision to use Versant enJin with the WebLogic application server allowed us to conceive, develop and produce a major application for MyNet, as well as take it to customer acceptance test stage, in less than 10 weeks. Essentially, the Versant benefits to us have been the ability to provide functionality for very rapid and extremely efficient object retrieval and a 20 percent advantage in software development productivity."

    Versant enJin will begin shipping in November of this year. Pricing for the runtime licenses begin at $24,995 for the Standard Edition and $29,995 for the Enterprise Edition which includes all the Standard functionality plus replication and synchronization services.

    About Versant Corporation
    Since the company's founding in 1988, Versant Corporation (NASDAQ: VSNT) has led the industry in providing highly scalable and reliable object management solutions for complex, enterprise-level systems. Customers in the telecommunications, financial services, transportation, and defense industries have depended on Versant ODBMS for large-scale applications such as yield management, fraud detection, real-time data collection and analysis, and operation support systems (OSS). Today, Versant enJin applies that same technology to another large-scale solution, helping customers build their e-business and Internet infrastructure where scalability, performance and fast time-to-market are critical success factors. Additional information about Versant and its products may be obtained by phone at 510-789-1500 or at

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