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    Does anyone know what kind of Websphere questions are asked in interview. Could anyone please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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    questions like

    why to use websphere when we have weblogic 6.0/6.1/7.0?

    how to choose between websphere and weblogic?

    which is better between websphere and weblogic?

    what r the advantages of websphere over weblogic?

    questions on ejb's and some concepts of ejb.

    also be technically good in hosting ejbs on websphere most of the times it will be compared with weblogic 7.0

    maybe some reallife scenario would be given and u will be told to analyse the situation and explain how websphere satisfies the need.
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    WebSphere vs Weblogic questions seem to be incorrect. In most cases, I could say that Weblogic can do a lot of things Websphere can't, but not vice versa. The whole idea of comparison of one AppServer with another one seems to be error prone.

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    Comparsion b/w two servers is based on the loading capacity&
    Client Side Requirement
    I dont know what thet really want from this type questions???

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    You should know the configuring, deploying, performance enhancement related questions. Now a days they have come up with soppesticated SDK, You may expect some question on that. If you are showing any experience on intigration(Integrating with legacy systems or different business systems), you may expect some question on that. They may ask why your business choose websphere server, lot of answers-earlier company was using that, business has decided to use that, connectivity with legacy systems, development and deployment cost will be less ect.,
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    I think a good question, from a developers point of view, would be to explain in general terms how to setup an enterpriseApp in websphere and to explain the development cycle in websphere (code change, deploy EJB, servlets, etc)