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    Hi folks,
    I am using OC4J for my application developement.
    Here i am using JavaBeans in my application. The Javabeans are kept in the classpath. When i compile the JavaBean, the new instance of it is not loading properly i mean the changes made to the bean is not getting reflected. My JavaBean inturn extends two more classes. Only If i compile the superclases or restart the service, the new instance of the inherited javabean is getting loaded. This problem is leading to quite many issues during developent.

    Is there any way where oc4j can load the recent version of the class file and execute.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. I'd guess if you started the server using JDK1.4.0_01 or later in debug mode (java -Xdebug blah,blah,... -jar orion.jar), hot code replace would work. With Eclipse and JBoss it works (most of the times).