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    i am planning an 'ERP' system for my company. The architecture will be like this:

    [Client] <--> [Application Server] <--> [Database]

    We would like to create our own application server (Not an EJB server. In fact, we might use JBoss with some session beans and JMX).

    Can anyone share some design guideline for concurrency control to prevent dirty read and dirty write? (of course, using entity beans with java transactions works, however, the speed is simply too disappointing)

    Thanx in advance.

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    If you really looking at jboss as an app server (or platform) you may also want to use j2ee. The performance of j2ee in combination with JBoss is real good. You could also take a look at writing custom MBeans, but it seams to me that all you need is entity beans. Most of the issues you try to solve are addressed in the j2ee spec, and JBoss has the best solotion for it.

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    Depending on what you are doing, coupling the EJB implementation with a read-through/write-behind cache could seriously boost performance.


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