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    Hi !
       Does anyone know if the softcopy of the review book on Struts by Chuck Cavaness is downloadable anywhere on the net ?
       The review process for the book being over, all links in the book for downloading chapters are pointing to some other book.

    Following is the table of contents of the book, Jakarta Struts Book -

    1. Introduction
    2. Inside the Web Tier
    3. Overview of the Struts Framework
    4. Configuring the Struts Application
    5. Struts Controller Components
    6. Struts Model Components
    7. Struts View Components
    8. Custom Tag Libraries
    9. Extending the Struts Framework
    10. Exception Handling
    11. Externalizing the Struts Validation
    12. Internationalization and Localization
    13. Struts and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
    14. Using Tiles
    15. Logging in a Struts Application
    16. Addressing Performance
    17. Packaging your Struts Application

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately the only place you can read the material online is at I don't know what the cost is for it using Safari however.

    The book is available for order on Amazon,, etc. and should be available in the bookstores.

    Chuck Cavaness
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    Hi Chuck !
      Thanks a lot ..
    I will order a copy of the book soon.