TheServerSide Presents 'EJB Cookbook' Book Review Process


News: TheServerSide Presents 'EJB Cookbook' Book Review Process

  1. Chapters from Manning's 'EJB Cookbook', by Ben Sullins and Mark Whipple will be made available on TheServerSide for public review. A chapter on 'Code generation' is now available for download. 'Code generation' presents the most common uses of XDoclet, an open source tool, tightly integrated with Ant, that lets you generate source code or other files.

    Download and Review the 'Code Generation' chapter from The EJB Cookbook

    TheServerside is also currently hosting the book review process for 'Bitter EJB', by Bruce Tate et al.
  2. Its really cool that an explanation is being provided because sample example which comes with xdoclet is not very easy to follow for normal human beings..!! Some people develop very nice software and tools but which are not really followed up by explantions , easy samples , etc..