Sun to Ship Weblogic 7 with next Solaris 9 Update


News: Sun to Ship Weblogic 7 with next Solaris 9 Update

  1. Sun will ship a six-month trial copy of WebLogic Server 7.0 with the next update to the Sun Solaris 9 operating system, which is due in January. Sun ONE 7 is already included in Solaris. Analysts said Sun is making a concession to include Weblogic in order to satisfy customer demand and help boost sales of its own server hardware.

    Read Sun to offer BEA software with Solaris, and Sun Microsystems and BEA Team to Increase Customer Choice and Reduce Implementation Costs.

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  2. It's an intelligent decision.[ Go to top ]

    It's an intelligent decision.
  3. I just don’t get it, usually my grandma doesn’t buy the SUN box, and if she does which I doubt she would probably has maid her decision what application server to use and has project running already on some older hardware. Usually software and hardware purchased by different departments and peoples and often at different point of time. I can understand significance of shipping IE, Netscape and other consumer oriented application for low tech educated user, but not bundling application servers and middleware frameworks with the system which usually purchased by the IT professionals.
  4. That's weird, because my grandpa buys sun boxes all the time. Maybe it's a gender thing.
  5. I agree witht he "grandma" post. Every bigger installation where a company runs on Solaris boxes, there is already a "company-standard" software installation, so nobody will get to even look at the application server shipped with bigger Sun boxes. It's pure marketing move. Lately they even started charging again for the webserver (iPlanet)...
  6. Sun will ship a six-month trial copy of WebLogic Server 7

     just the trial version, after six months am I supposed to buy another set of sun boxes...
    Move on, it's no news.
  7. It's a smart decision. If Sun sees that it's customers use the machines as application servers, then why not bundle the software that most end up buying anyway? Why ship it with the piece-of-crap Sun software that nobody wants, just so their customers can go spend more time getting WL from another place and install it.

    I'm not a big fan of BEA either, but heck, it's miles ahead of Sun's offerings... and I'm glad Sun has finally realized that!
  8. I agree. In my opinion, Sun should buy BEA and Borland. Those acqusitions would give Sun a competitive/desireable(sp?) product stack allowing them to go head to head with Microsoft(.NET) and IBM in the Enterprise.

    I haven't the slightest idea if this is financially feasible for them, however.


  9. I agree. In my opinion, Sun should buy BEA and Borland. >Those acqusitions would give Sun a competitive/desireable

    >(sp?) product stack allowing them to go head to head with >Microsoft(.NET) and IBM in the Enterprise.

    If you look at the Sun's "success history" in buying other software companies (like Forte, NetDynamics, StarOffice) or products (like the Netscape app server), it seems a safe bet that a move like that would very soon take those products out of the market, as well.
  10. SUN has a very good track at trashing very good companies with good products. They bought FORTE for acquiring the people and the engineering behind Forte 4GL (one of the most succesfull products for distibuted computing and for my liking better than Java) to improve their Java range of products... and now?? Look at what they are doing... makes me laugh!!!!
  11. Great move for Sun, sales people know that companies don't take their app server seriously and those who fall into the trap were convinced by heavy discounted sun hardware. The SunOne app server included with Solaris 9 is just basic version anyways, any serious mission critical deployment will still cost you by the cpu. Sun now like a boatload of 3rd party companies already resell BEA so why not get a tiny slice of the pie? Sun would be silly to buy Borland or BEA, instead they should invest in these companies to build better software.

    Sun makes money selling great hardware (bread & butter for revenue) and doesn't want that invaded by IBM. Sun will play the linux game with products but it's still a slow ride for a while before real adoption takes place for mission critical stuff.

    Everybody has agreements, BEA resells Borland Jbuilder.. It's all about $$$ and customer exposure.. oh yeah now I can use BEA free for six months instead of two and keep my project $$ longer.
  12. it's an evaluation version you nimrod, not suitable for production deployment.
  13. Sure, buy them all BEA, Borland, Jdeveloper, IDEA, Eclipse (Oh sorry, not for sale, need to buy IBM first) what is the goal here to sell Sun box or to outspend MS???
  14. I think its just a way of countering the heat both companies are facing from IBM. BEA in Software(aka WebLogic licences) and Sun in Unix boxes.

    Wat now with Sun App Server? Or Sun's finally given up on that.
  15. <Orlando>
    I agree. In my opinion, Sun should buy BEA and Borland. Those acqusitions would give Sun a competitive/desireable(sp?) product stack allowing them to go head to head with Microsoft(.NET) and IBM in the Enterprise.

    And destroy them like NetDynamics! Yay. They might as well buy all the other good software and destroy it too!

    I am always amazed at how many people think Sun Microsystems is a software company.

  16. Is the Sun setting......along with it's stock?

    The future according to Luke Skywalker:

    Who will adopt the Java spec and offer the Open source community solutions for Linux.

    With .Net ported to Linux and software for Linux. Btw did you know that MS is porting some BackOffice products for Linux (FreeBSD).

    Well there will always be those who choose to switch ;-)

    The cat is out of the bag.
    Happy holidays
  17. Ian,

    First, the SUN is not setting. I remember in the late 80's/early 90's how everyone thought that AIX and HP-UX were going to eat the UNIX hardware market because SUN was "becoming" a software company.

    Move forward 4 years and SUN was going to die because it was a "pure UNIX" company, and everyone had to have an NT strategy. It did SGI a lot of good didn't it.

    Each time SUN has increased market share. None of the major places I have worked at have switched. I see Solaris/Websphere more than the rumored Linux/Websphere, AIX/Websphere or Win/Websphere.

    Given that, SUN does have to get a coherent software strategy. They have been giving away some of the best software in the business for a looonnng time (RPC,NFS, NIS (ok maybe not), Java...).

    In terms of pushing SUN ONE was that their hands were probably bound by the fact that j2EE's biggest adopters competed with the product- IBM, Oracle, Weblogic. Would any of them have embraced Java is SUN was pushing a good j2EE solution down?

    In addition, SUN ONE was a mess inherited from Netscape/iPlanet. It was notoriously buggy and many early adopters had to continue to use ancient versions until very recently.
  18. <Greg et al.>
    I am always amazed at how many people think Sun Microsystems is a software company.
    </Greg et al.>

    I realize that Sun is not a software company and that previous acquisitions of very good software products by Sun have been disastrous. So, here's an idea. Why doesn't Sun acquire these companies and let them run virtually autonomous since software is obviously not Sun's strong suit. Anyone see "The Pirates of Silicon Valley? "The money's in the hardware!" I think we know that isn't true. SUNW needs to come strong in the software game. Period. And since they don't know how to do it, buy somebody who does and let them show you how. Simply, if it IS broke SUN, then fix it.

    IMHO, management need only mandate that the newly acquired products, Weblogic, Borland, TogetherCC are tightly integrated, yet provide some level of flexibility. That's all. Sound familiar(Webshpere, WSAD, and soon Rose in addition to all the MSFT stuff)?

    The result? Let's see: 1) An Appserver, Modeling tool, and IDE which are all either top 2 or 3 in the current market and tightly integrated. 2) They already have the hardware relationships ala(SP?) Big Blue 3) Primary control of the language which this enitre industry is based upon.

    IMHO, game over!


  19. SunONE Application server down the drain
  20. Sun ONE. I am yet to come across anyone who has used it for production ? Does anyone know any.
  21. "BEA's application server is great product," Scott McNealy, Sun's chairman, chief executive officer and president, said in a recent interview. "If there are some very high end enterprise features that you need, it makes sense. For the bulk of the J2EE [Java 2 Enterprise Edition] environments, the low cost and integrated nature of the Sun ONE Application Server might make more sense."

    Is it possible that Sun is still just a hardware company? How much longer can Sun continue to rachet down its ailing software business?


  22. Yes Jill, Sun is a hardware company. Haven't you noticed that they give away software that's designed to run on their expensive boxes.
  23. Yea you all MS trolls I know it is shock for you to see Solaris carrying other vendor products like Weblogic .

    I dont hear from SUN that the browser is the part of OS so we cannot ship netscape with it and you cannot uninstall IE it will break buggy windoze we hold it up tape and gummy bears !!!!! WIndoze and .Not is piece of a crap.

    SUN is great company this shows it. I predict windoze will go down the tubes before Solaris.
  24. In my opinion, this is a very good move by Sun. Considering that WebLogic ApplicationServer is relatively cost-effective and predominantly used in the market and most of the applications that were developed in J2EE are running on Solaris, this would make most of the new applications think of going for this environment as one of the best alternatives.
  25. I agree with sun's decision. hey..SUN is predominantly a hardware company( compared with EMC's of the world)trying to foray into software....I feel sun's software muscle is not that tight yet...It's gonna take time and money?? till than happy selling BEA over top of sun boxes..this will boost their hardware sales .....just look at BEA's ECperf figures. They are mind blowing ...I feel BEA + Solaris is best of both worlds...this goes with the sun's pledge that thay are not gonna lock any customer with their products....In my honest opinion, Options should be open to the customer ..let him choose the best ...I strongly feel that bundling Sun One appserver with Soalris makes SUN to practice Monopoly...

    any clues whether BEA has been optimized wrt Solaris9 ?
  26. This is weird. I don't get it. Why don't they offer all the available app server.
  27. I have to chim in on this. I worked for Forte, iPlanet and Sun ONE. There are a few things that people have said here that are completely incorrect.

    1. Sun destroyed Forte. Forte 4GL is still around, under a different name, but still around. It doesn't sell very well, but didn't sell very well during the last days of Forte either. Forte integration product is Sun ONE Integration Server EAI Edition and it's doing very well.

    2. Sun ONE Application Server is a bad product. I'll admit that the old version weren't great, but 7.0 is a complete re-write. If you judge 7.0 based on previous versions, you'll be the one losing out. Also, keep in mind that no matter what bad things people say about 6.0, it's the #3 app. server on the market, ahead of Borland, SilverStream, Oracle, and a lot of other products.

    3. Sun is not a serious software company. They might not be #1 in app server, but they are #1 Directory, #1 Portal, #1 Cert, #1 Integration Server. They have the only web server that people really pay money for. That sounds like a software company to me.

    Everyone on the server side only looks at application servers. That is only one part of the big pictures.
  28. Forte is not selling well?? I dont see SUN marketing Forte as they should (well, SUN=Java and they won't market properly any other tool that can compete with Java...)

    How about NetDynamics? :-P
  29. You missed my point. Forte 4GL wasn't selling very well before Sun bought Forte. Forte couldn't sell it when all they had were three products. The days of 4GLs are over. The only product that Forte had that was a big seller was it's integration server, which Sun still has and makes a lot of money with. I am shocked that Sun hasn't EOLed the Forte 4GL by now.