OSS through Java Initiative Solving OSS Integration with J2EE


News: OSS through Java Initiative Solving OSS Integration with J2EE

  1. An operational support system (OSS) is a set of programs that help a service provider monitor, control, analyze, and manage problems with a telephone or computer network. The "OSS through Java" initiative is a group of major industry players aiming to specify standard J2EE interfaces addressing the various functional areas of the OSS business model, solving integration problems faced by the service providers.

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  2. Glad to see this happening.

    The IT landscape in telco is loaded with 'challenges'. All the M&As in the last few years, followed by CLEC implosion has left the remaining svc providers with an OSS and BSS landscape littered with hetergeneous systems (some ancient, some new) w/ COBOL, RPG, etc. Worse, disjointed and fragmented business processes from partial-or-not-integrated acquisitions means most of the companies have bigger problems to solve than integration at the functional or data level.

    If only there were IS folks from the actual *service providers* participating - as in the folks with the problems to be solved. Without them, I am afraid it will be another largely academic exercise - not much different from CORBA/Telecom specs.

    That said, with some bigtime vendors such as NT, Telcordia, Nokia, etc involved, it will hopefully make the technology side of integrating these things less painful.