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    Quick background - we are caching many java objects (for interim data storage) in memory during Weblogic server startup. The caching mechanisms we are currently using were developed 'in house' by our development team. To increase performance, we are looking at third party products that provide java object caching mechanisms. A few products that I know that provide such mechanisms are 1) PointBase Embedded, 2) Versant enJin, and 3) Isocra livestore. Does anyone know of any other products? Also, can you provide any recommendations on what product to use? Any information you provide will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    We don't use it but, other ones are : Coherence (from Tangosol) and SpiritCache (from SpiritSoft).
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    also gemstone
  4. Have you no pride? I don't understand why you are so eager to buy a third party's products. You've already developed the cache, just improve it.
  5. I don't think it is a matter of pride, it is a matter of knowing what business you are in.

    Blindly developing and enhancing your own stuff without considering other companies solutions is putting pride before a fall.
  6. 1. I know what business I'm in. I am a "software developer". I write software. I don't give recommendations to purchase other software developers' work. If my clients buy their software from someone else, they will no longer be my client. And besides, if you can't write something as trivial as an efficient object cache, maybe you shouldn't be writing software. Are you a fraud?

    2. I don't develop "blindly". That sounds like a dangerous proposition.

    3. "...pride before a fall." Fall?
  7. Yep I am a complete fraud, just as the original guy who posted has no pride in his work. You do know a lot about people. Anyway personal insights aside,

    Most of my thoughts here comes from designing production systems rather than products.

    System architecture IMHO generally can be thought of as a mixture of business requirements and infrastructure (caching, security, transaction, persistence, fail over) requirements.

    When looking at infrastrucure issues like security, caching etc if your system is small you may decided to build some of this yourself (vendor cost v development and maintenance time). However as time marches on the development time required to expand and maintain your home grown stuff may start to look a lot less attractive than before.

    Therefore at that point you may decide that you are not in the software infrastructure business and we have all these core business requirements to do maybe a vendor solution is the way to go.

    Anyway just my thoughts which I am sure "Race Condition" will find bogus. ;-)


    PS. My current baby is (200k subs and climbing)
  8. "Yep I am a complete fraud"

    I knew it.
  9. As I said your insight into people is amazing


    PS you are welcome to the last word if you want it.
  10. Sorry to get in the pissing contest with you David. I took offense to the "developing blindly" phrase and you know the rest.

    I understand your position on the use of third party components. And you are right, there is a place for them. SOME of them. I have worked with components that are over priced and don't provide much functionality. So I am very skeptical about buying in the "build versus buy" debate.

    Again, sorry for the snippy comments.

    Race Condition
  11. Why reinvent the wheel ? If some cache implementation exists out there and works fine for many people, why do not use it ?
  12. But you should see this new wheel!
  13. If it is a manageable amount of read-only data, just use a singleton pattern and stick the data in a hashtable.

    If you are trying to cache data in a cluster and keep it in sync, that's a great use for our Coherence product, which is the only Java clustered cache product. We also provide size-limited caching features, automatic time-based expiry, and read-through/write-behind caching.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    Just want to thank everyone for their responses. Happy new year!!