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    Tangosol have released version 2.0 of Coherence, its JCache-compliant clustered data management and caching product. This GA version contains features such as: JDK 1.4 NIO Support, Distributed Cache Queries, Increased Caching Support, J2CA Transactions, and more. TheServerSide uses Coherence to cache entity bean data across Oracle9iAS and Weblogic 7.

    JDK 1.4 NIO Support:
    Users of Coherence 2.0 on JDK 1.4 can easily configure Coherence to use Java NIO, allowing for very large caches and reducing the memory management strain on the JVM. With the distributed cache service, customers have the option of running Coherence 2.0 on JDK 1.4 and their application servers on an older JDK, allowing older JDK's to take advantage of the new Java NIO features.

    Distributed Cache Queries:
    Coherence 2.0 introduces the ability to query against the cache itself. With a distributed cache, the query processing becomes extremely scalable, allowing the queries to be processed across the entire cluster. The query mechanism is fully programmable and customizable, and includes full support for indexing and cost-based optimizations.

    Read-Through/Write-Through and Write-Behind Caching:
    Coherence 2.0 introduces out-of-the-box support for Read-Through, Write-Through and Write-Behind caching. Depending on the configuration and usage patterns, customers can reduce database load by over 99%, even for write-intensive applications! Using the Coherence distributed cache, even write-behind caching survives catastrophic server failure. Using the versioned write-behind cache option, which is based on a versioned extension to Dimitri Rakitine's Seppuku pattern, load-balanced applications can further reduce network traffic by using local caches that are consistent across the cluster.

    J2CA Transactions:
    Coherence 2.0 supports transactional caching through the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (J2CA). This allows reads and updates to the cache to be contained within transactions of configurable isolation levels using either optimistic or pessimistic strategies.

    Read the Tangosol press release about Coherence 2.0

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    Congrats Cameron and Team
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    Thanks! If you're interested in some of the details on the new features, see our Coherence 2.0 feature guide.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    Any plans for CMP support?
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    Horia: "Cool! Any plans for CMP support?"

    Absolutely. ;-)


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    We have ported our current code based on version 1.x to 2.x with minimal changes. So far looks good. The 1.4 support is welcome news.

    Cameron and their staff of professional engineers @ Tangosol have been a great resource.