J2EE Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and Perfo


Performance and scalability: J2EE Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and Perfo

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone point me to a good offline source of information on performance analysis and optimization for large J2EE-based B2B applications?

    So far, I've seen
    "J2EE Performance Testing with BEA WebLogic Server"
    by Peter Zadrozny, Philip Aston, Ted Osborne

    Did anyone read the book mentioned above and wants to give a review and his impression regarding the usefulness of the content in relation to the aforementioned topic? (We're using BEA WebLogic.)

    Thanks for your help,
    Lars :o)
  2. Hi

    You can find a set of useful information available at following links


  3. One more...


  4. We've got that book here at work...I'm planning to get to it soon. I skimmed it and found some of it to be very similar to a lot of the articles I found at
    Precise Java
    Check that site out.