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    Hi guys,

    I've got this design issue with reporting. You see, we have this 3rd party app (which we bought off the shelf) and it uses Oracle as the DB. Now, we initially wanted to use Crystal reports for the web reporting purposes. But, it sucks big time in terms of scalability and interoperability with EJBs and Solaris.

    OK, since we got rid of Crystal, we thought of using java servlet and JSP to develop a reporting component. Now, we want the web user to login just once to this 3rd party app and be able to click a link which directs them to the web report query page. The trick is to make sure the user only views/reports his authorized data. This means the reporting portion has to make use of the 3rd party app's DAOs and security related java objects. OR alternatively we write our own security framework and DAOs to report directly off the Oracle DB.

    Any comments?

    Does anyone has any open source reporting framework out there that could accelerate this sort of work?
  2. We are using CRYSTAL REPORTS for reporting.In your case its better to go with your own security classes which handles the user issues.Let me know how will you be handling the scheduling issues for web reporting?
  3. We don't have any scheduling. It's all trigger by the web user.
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    we are into banking application consisting of volumes of reports developed in java plaf.we use crystal reports in combination with i-net crystal clear a third party product from we had found recently that Crystal Report 9 supports extensively for J2EE and .NET platform and many other features.Pl check the crystal report site to find more information.