Larry Ellison: Oracle to run on jRockit Server VM from Intel?


News: Larry Ellison: Oracle to run on jRockit Server VM from Intel?

  1. In Oracle's Q4 earnings conference call, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison commented that the Oracle will include the jRockit server VM in their application server, claiming that "jRockit is really not BEA's, it Intel's". jRockit (which is owned by BEA) will apparently become the official VM for both Oracle and BEA. It is unclear why Ellison claims that Intel is in control of jRockit.

    You can hear the response here: (forward in about 41 minutes).

    In a question regarding java performance vs. compiled languages, an analyst asks:

    "...Is there a chance that you'll be working more closely with BEA going forward with their JRockit virtual machine?"

    To which Larry Ellison responds:

    "jRockit is really not BEA's it Intels. And infact jRockit will be part of our appserver as well as BEA's appserver. jRockit is generally available to anyone who builds a java engine on top of Intel, and BEA has no proprietary rights to that..."

    He then proceeds talk about how Oracle is the fastest appserver, as proven by ECperf.

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  2. I thought BEA tookover JRockit. I Guess Not
  3. This is what you get from BEA Website about JRockit

    "BEA WebLogic JRockit™ is a JVM built from the ground up to run server-side Java applications, as opposed to client-side Java applications. BEA acquired this product along with the acquisition of Appeal Virtual Machines based in Stockholm, Sweden."
  4. Intel does have a partnership with BEA.

    How much of a partnership and who owns what is not clear. Still, trust Larry to have a good spin on it!
  5. When did you guys started taking seriously what a CEO says( that too in an earnings conference call ). Most tech CEOs are clueless on technology and Larry leads the pack.

    Lets not discount Oracle, because of what their clueless CEO said. Inspite of Larry, there is a good product out there from Oracle.
  6. ok Larry Ellison, does this mean we can use Oracle Database if we claim that another company actually owns it.

    what a Moron! Bill Gates is evil but Larry Ellison is retarded.

  7. Oracle App server is realy realy but more expensive.

    Oracle is "realy", except Oracle is to expensive to run large comerical applications, and is not.

  8. Jason: "what a Moron! Bill Gates is evil but Larry Ellison is retarded."

    Retarded? Are you kidding? Look at the free press he's getting on ;-) ... I think that it was PT Barnum who said, "There's no such thing as bad press."

    Besides, Orion is a relatively good app server ;-)


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
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  9. <snip>
    I think that it was PT Barnum who said, "There's no such thing as bad press."

    And I think that anyone who believes that to be true is retarded! It's like saying "There's no such thing as bad experiences". There are definetly many things I hope I'll never experience.

    As to Bill Gates vs. Larry Ellison I'd prefer listening to Bill Gates anyday (subject not considered).

  10. Cameron,
    Well I don't agree with no such thing as bad press, it hasn't seemed to help O.J. Simpsons movie career ;)

    Larry Ellison is very calculating, and has his own spin on things. He only says these things to get more press. I'd rather see CEO's be honest and say truthful things. Our entire economy is having trouble now because of dishonest Executives. (Enron, WorldCom,etc) We don't need more of it.

    And for the Record I don't really believe Bill Gates to be evil, just a good business person.

  11. Hey Jason,

    Watch how you use that term. Some of us are retards here.
  12. As is clearly stated on our website, JRockit is BEA's technology and product.

    Bob Griswold
    VP, General Manager
    Java Runtime Products Group
    BEA Systems, Inc.
  13. IBM clearly distinguish websphere from DB2, a websphere
    admin requires different skills from db2 dba. same
    is the case with oracle 9i db vs 9i as.

    I think oracle apps 11i upgrades ran into rough weather, because oracle assumes that their existing dbas can perform
    java/web server work. Where as the DBAs mostly follow
    the instructions in rapid install, but once the problems
    come on JVM, http security etc, they could not solve it.

    If oracle has to succeed in middleware platforms train
    people with different set of skills, and do not expect
    DBAs can perform every work from app server to db server.
  14. There's only one Larry Booboo Ellison! Our world would be so boring without some of his kind. :))

    I think he mixed many things and the fact that JRockIt only runs on Intel platforms... He must have spent too much time on his boat at the America's Cup and drifted away from business.

    It's good to see that even people like him make mistakes. It makes me feel a little better even though he's the one with the money and not me.

  15. As I understand from this article the interview wasn't specifically about jrockit. It's like hey dude, forward 41 minutes to see how Ellison confused JRockit with a SELECT when answering a casual question. This is s**t. Floyd should have known that it's just a blunder. What has JRockit to do with Intel? As far as I know it was developed in Sweden and bought by BEA. I think that when Ellison is giving interviews without knowing them by heart ot without a tehnical consultant by his side, he should stick to 'Oracle is at least twice as fast as anything else out there, we're sooo good at select we can't stop looking at our faces in the mirror'.
  16. Even Ellison cannot get away with "blunders" like this. This kind of mistake gets you sued. I don't pretend to know what is really going on, though....
  17. Hi

    Who knows? Maybe Intel wants to join Sun and IBM (not to mention some others) as a hardware company that has a server-side software arm and plans to buy BEA.

    Maybe it will be Intel Weblogic some some months from now.

  18. I understand that many of you have become upset with my recent proclamation that JRockit is actually owned by Intel. After several thoughtful seconds of deliberation, which is a long time for me, I have decided to fill you all in on the whole story in point format.<BR>-Alfred Chuang beat the tar out of me playing golf the other day. We agreed that the winner of the golf tourney would be able to exchange his BEA shares for an equal amount of INTEL shares. Since BEA stock has been kicking some serious *ss lately and INTEL has been sucking, I made up the "Intel-owns-JRockit" story to fatten my chances. I apologize.<BR><BR>-Alfred called the SEC up and told them the whole scenario. I am now being fined $500 million dollars for attempting to unjustly influence the price of a NASDAY-held asset.<BR><BR>-Aliens landed on my front yard and stole my croquet set. They left a CD in my mailbox that supposedly has instructions on how to get it back, but its written in Pascal. Obviously, I'm going to need to dig up my old Commodore 64 up out of the closet to play this CD, so you guys don't have to help me out there... what I need to know is can I use the CD as a frisbee without worrying that it will scratch, or is that just a nasty rumor?<BR><BR>-Bill Gates is my long-lost brother. The story goes something like this: My mother and your mother were hanging up clothes. My mother punched your mother straight in the nose. What color was the blood?<BR><BR>-I sometimes can walk and chew gum at the same time.<BR><BR>-Did you know that next week I will roam the streets of San Francisco and hand out sums of money to people who can correctly identify the number of hairs in my beard? Only me and my two personal barbars know the answer, and they're both locked in my office until the end of this crazy-cool promotion. Free Antonio and Gerard, people! Learn the Beard!!! HEEEEEEEEE-HEEE-HEEE! Ohhhhh, I rock so hard.<BR><BR>-I think that is like, the coolest site in the world.<BR><BR>Now where did I put my pipe.. ahhhh, there it is... bye y'all, and remember: The fate of the world rests on Canadian shoulders! Peace out.<BR><BR>Lar.