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    Does anyone know if Sun plans to add support for BPEL4WS to J2EE? Microsoft is rumoured to develop X# (based on C#) for better handling of XML. What is the Java camp answer to that going to be?



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    Well- as usual- Sun isnt' the quickest to answer- but IBM is. IBM has a java implementation of the BPEL4WS language, and you can get an Eclipse plugin for the language from the website. I'd say that if ibm is working on it, its only a matter of time before it gets included in a jsr.
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    I've taken a look at BPWS4J from IBM, but that's merely a graphical front-end to raw XML/BPEL. What I'm asking is whether Sun is looking at extending J2EE to offer a Java-friendly interface/abstraction (ala JSP) to support BPEL, the likes of jBPEL


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    You can try our Discorso Framework (
    It implements a multiple binary collaboration model but has “natural” ability to implement the Webservices Orchestration as well.
    Discorso has some advantages in comparison with BPEL4WS and Collaxa: you can develop everything using pure Java without any proprietary extensions, tags, and preprocessing. And you can use all OOP techniques, patterns, any existing Java IDE and/or modeling tools for your development.

    BTW IMHO orchestration approach is not very suitable for real B2B applications, where all partners should be able to have their own business process implementations. In case of orchestration you actually have master-slave relationships between “Master Orchestration Server” and “Webservice-slave”.

    Serguei Mourachov