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    Hi all,
    I am facing problems in deploying a EJB, please luk at the details

    V r using Weblogic 7.0 with jdk1.4

    1. V compiled all the source code, the ejbc compilation and the .ear generation thru ant(v 1.5) build scripts with JDK1.4.1
    2. When v tried deployin the .ear file, it gave the error in the particular EJB jar file stating
    "unable to deply Ejb bean, Error: ZipFile Closed"

    however, if the 1st(First) step is performed using JDK1.4.0_02-b02 version of JDK1.4, the deployment goes on pretty fine. I just wonna know if u or any of your colleague have faced similar problems, what is the cause and workarounds.

    Manjunath Rane

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    Hi Guys,
         luks like nobody faced this problem. Well, just apply Weblogic7.0 Sp1 patch...and it should be running fine.

    Anyway Thnx for your patience
    Manjunath Rane