The container always call ejbLoad, ejbStore


EJB programming & troubleshooting: The container always call ejbLoad, ejbStore

  1. The container always call ejbLoad, ejbStore (3 messages)

    I have a EJB Entity (BMP). I set that the all business methods . Always when call a EJB Business Methods, the containers always run ejbStore, ejbLoad, ejbPassivate, ejbActivate.
    What I want to know, this happens with all EJBs deployed on the different application servers or happens with only EJBs which are deployed on iPlanet Application Server (EE 6.0).
  2. This happens with any EJB and with any application server. This is part of the EJB framework.

    See the documentation for more information
  3. Some vendors offer ways to reduce these calls. Check your vendors documentation for possibilities.
  4. Try enclosing your business method calls inside a transaction. On many containers, ejbLoad and ejbStore will only be called once per transaction, rather than once per business method invocation.