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    Can anybody suggest a tool to create .ear and .war files (Other than Ant).


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    Yes... the jar utility that comes with the JDK. Just make a jar, and rename it to have a .war or .ear extension. I am pretty sure that ear and war is just a jar with another extension. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

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    True, a .ear file is a JAR. But the J2EE spec defines what goes in the JAR. For example, it must have an XML deployment descriptor, and might even contain one or more .war files. So any JAR is not a .ear.

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    I've gone to using the packager tool found in the J2EE SDK. We're using Sybase's Jaguar CTS EJB server, and it's very finicky about the EJB JAR file. We've also gone to verifying the JAR file with the verifier tool, also included in the J2EE SDK. Sybase only works with EJB JARs strictly adhering to the J2EE standard. We've tried to generate EJB JARs using the Ant 1.2 ejbjar task and that did not create JAR files which would verify within the verifier.

    -- chris bartling --
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    U can make use of the jar utility supplied with jdk. You've to specify the o/p file with whatever extension u want (.ear, .war or .jar)

    -Ahamed Hasan