IBM Brings Domino and WebSphere Closer Together


News: IBM Brings Domino and WebSphere Closer Together

  1. IBM Brings Domino and WebSphere Closer Together (4 messages)

    Domino and WebSphere have always been totally separate. IBM is showing signs of linkage, with its new Domino product.

    The first initiative, code-named Project Montreal, will add Domino classes to IBM's WSAD (WebSphere Studio Application Developer) tool kit, which is based on the Eclipse 2 open-source Java integrated development environment. This will allow non-Domino developers to create collaborative applications as Web services. It will also provide integration between WebSphere and Domino applications while allowing WebSphere developers to remain in the coding environment they're familiar with.

    The second, and thought to be the more ambitious, initiative is code-named Project Seoul. It will allow Domino developers to work within the Domino development environment but output code as Java 2 Enterprise Edition components, which can be embedded in other non-Domino J2EE-based applications.

    Read about the future of Domino and WebSphere

    Are many developers seeing Lotus Notes work, or having to integrate J2EE with Notes? If so, this could help.

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  2. I'm heavily involved into combining J2EE and Lotus Domino and this seems to be good news.

    The major flaw in combining Domino and Java to this very day is the Domino Java API, that is just a thin interface layer, calling native library functions. It has a lot of issues and is quite uncomfortable to use.

    E.g. because the real functionality behind this API is still written in C++, the automatic java memory management does not fit here. You have to call a "recycle()"-Method on every Object you use, so the native functionality releases memory. Also the total number of objects that can be allocated is limited to about 10.000 (a number, that in huge processes like a mass import can and has be exceeded). If you exceed this limit, the underlying domino database server crashes! (

    This looks like IBM is building a "real" Java API at last. It also reads like, there is no more local notes installation necessary to run the API (which is the case now), as they will include it in WSAD.

    In my opinion, Lotus Notes/Domino as a groupware platform was always pure productivity, but as a "real" development platform was quite limited and misconcepted in detail. When the strategy of IBM is to keep this groupware part and migrate the development part to J2EE - maybe keeping some of the RAD-Technology in Domino - then I think it is a good thing.
  3. It's about time![ Go to top ]

    I think integration with WebSphere is the shot in the arm that Notes so deparately needs. Besides Notes has everything but the kitchen sink now, So throw in the J2EE kitchen sink and it will be complete.

    Hopefully IBM will include front-end classes for Notes so that LotusScript coders can make the move to Java, and not be forced to code front-end code in LotusScript.

    Sounds like Great news to me.

    Don Strawsburg
  4. I am very interested in code-name "seoul", becausem Seoul is the city in Korea. Actually, I am from Korea!!
    Is there any paticually reason to get that kind of name?
    Any relation to Seoul?
  5. Olympic cities[ Go to top ]

    SungHyun Park on January 21, 2003 @ 05:54 PM
    > Any relation to Seoul?

    Yes. Notice the other project is Montreal? Both are cities where the
    Olympics have been held. (IIRC Lotus has other projects similarly