Artima Software has released SuiteRunner, an open source test toolkit and JUnit runner. Existing JUnit users can use SuiteRunner to run their JUnit tests, which allows them to gain the benefits of reporters, runpaths, and recipe files while continuing to use their JUnit test cases.

Download Artima SuiteRunner here.

The authors of Artima SuiteRunner have also published a short article explaining why JUnit didn't solve their particular testing problems, and how they ended up creating SuiteRunner:

Read: Why We Refactored JUnit

Here's an excerpt:

Because JUnit links the concepts of running and reporting in the notion of a runner, we made Artima SuiteRunner a JUnit runner. You can use Artima SuiteRunner to run and report results of JUnit tests, just like you can use JUnit's text or Swing runners. The three main advantages of using SuiteRunner to run your JUnit tests are reporters, runpaths, and recipe files:

* A reporter collects and presents test results in a highly customizable way to the user. Examples are text, graphics, Web pages, database output, CSV files, XML, and email alerts.
* A runpath lets you load classes for your tests from anywhere with an easy- to-configure list of filenames, directory paths, and/or URLs.

* A recipe file captures and saves in a file the run properties of a particular suite of tests for easy reuse. <i>

What do think of the author's comments?