EJB pattern for abstracting struts ActionForm data, from an EJB?


EJB design: EJB pattern for abstracting struts ActionForm data, from an EJB?

  1. I am just beginning a new project using struts 1.1 and am wondering about how to correctly design my integration of struts ActionForms through a session Fascade EJB to CMP enitty bean.

    The UI can and most likely will be changing as the eveolution of this application. So, I want to reduce the amount of maintanence I have to do to add/substract various UI form elements throughout the enterprise.

    I have just started looking into DTOFactory's, but would really like to know some opinions about this issue as I can't believe I am the only person with this problem.

    Thanks in advance for your help...
  2. Hi ,

    We also have a similar architecture where in we are using struts (view and controller)-EJB (as model) .

    We have got valuebeans/value objects/DTO as the data sharing medium between the UI (Struts) layer and the business layer .

    To start with identify all the valuebeans . Identify the session eban interfaces and then both (UI and biz layer) can be implemented parallely with intermnediate integration points .Now when we do this make sure that Valuebeans structure and session bean interfaces have some stability .The UI (presentaion layer can change significantly ) but the dataobjects should be stable enough.

    Please let me know if you need some more inputs . If you have got a better aproach for the same we can also discuss that.

    hope it helps
    thanx and regards
  3. Hi

    We are into similar kind of architecture and design using J2EE as the prime platform.Struts is our front framework and at the buisness layer we have only stateless session components (no entity components).The communication we have between struts and the buisness components is mostly through Collection classes like HashMap,ArrayList etc., and in very few places with ValueObjects.If your intrested we can discuss on this model.The current size of our code is nearly about 22 lakhs.